Ground Transport

Beijing Taxi

Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to travel around Beijing during the conference. There are over 70,000 taxis running in every corner of the city. Many of the taxi drivers in Beijing can speak some simple English, which offers western visitors a great convenience of being able to communicate with them.

Usually, you can hail a taxi anywhere in Beijing. However, if there is a solid white line and police are standing around, such as Tiananmen Square, then the area is a no-stopping area and the drivers will not stop for your hails. In this case, you should look for the taxi stands or wait at the side streets.

We recommended that you ask for a receipt from a taxi because the taxi identification details are listed in it. This is useful in the unfortunate circumstance that should you have any problems such as leaving property behind. All licensed taxis will give you a receipt and you can always ask for one by saying the Chinese word for receipt, which is pronounced “fah-pee-ow”.

In the daytime, the taxi flag fall is CNY10 for the first three kilometers, and it is CNY2 per kilometer for the remainder of the journey. If the journey is longer than 15 kilometers (8 miles), the charge rises to CNY3 per kilometer. From 23:00 to 05:00 the flag fall is CNY11 for the first three kilometers, and then CNY2.4 per kilometer, while CNY3.4 per kilometer for a journey over 15 kilometers (8 miles). Waiting and stationary time is charged is equivalent to 1 kilometer for each 5 minutes. A CNY1 fuel surcharge is required if the journey is over 3 kilometers.

Generally, it will cost CNY100-200 from the Beijing International Airport to the city proper of Beijing, according to different distance.

It is easy to hail a taxi in Beijing but make sure you use an official one with a taxi sign on the roof and with the driver’s registration card. Ask someone to write down your destination in Chinese beforehand in case of getting lost.