Chinese Visa

Chinese Visa

Traveling to China requires a visa issued by the Chinese Government. Visitors can contact their nearest Chinese embassy to determine the steps needed to receive an official Chinese visa. Please make sure you give yourself up to 2 weeks to get your visa from the time the embassy receives your materials.

Fiona Lu
Ms. Fiona Lu
ACRESCON Visa Supervisor
+1 (310) 896-8895 x177

Visa Service

To make this process a simple and efficient process, ACRESCON has partnered again with China Visa Courier Services. CVC has helped hundreds of Americans from past exhibitions and conferences. CVC has assigned Ms. Jackie Jia as their representative to handle ACRESCON. Ms. Jia has over 10 years experience in international travel, speaks fluent English, Chinese, and Japanese, and she will be able to handle all needs in regards to securing your Chinese visa.

China Visa Courier
ACRESCON Representative
Jackie Jia
+1 (310) 896-8895 x172

Steps For Getting Visa

1 Your Passport
You must send your actual passport, which must have 6 months validity remaining and at least one blank visa page.

2 China Visa Application Form
Download here. CVC Services will assist you in filling out the form, be sure to contact them before you begin. Forms must be completely filled, signed and dated. One form per applicant. Do not leave any areas blank but instead write “N/A”.

3 Photograph
One color 2×2 photo taken by a professional passport service, Walgreen, CVS, Kinkos, etc and mailed with your passport.

4 Business Letter
On your company letterhead, write a business letter addressed to the Chinese Consulate requesting a business visa on your behalf. Here is a Sample Business Letter as a reference.

5 Invitation Letter
A letter of invitation from a Chinese company or organization stating the dates and purpose of your visit. This letter will come from ACRESCON upon request. Participants in ACRESCON will be invited by the organizing committee from Beijing. To request an invitation letter, contact: