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ACRESCON has selected CTS Sports Travel Service Co., Limited as the official travel agency of the America China Real Estate Summit and Convention 2010 in Beijing, China. CTS has a long history of successfully managing travel services for large groups of international visitors. CTS was the official agency for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and now the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

A department has been established at the CTS offices in Shanghai specifically for handling participants of ACRESCON 2010 and you can call their Shanghai office using our US telephone number so you do not pay international rates. (Thank you to Planet IDX for this technology)

Participants in ACRESCON should contact Ms. Angela Sun, the appointed travel coordinator from CTS for ACRESCON.

Ms. Angela Sun
ACRESCON 2010 Travel Coordinator
CTS Sports Travel Service Co., Ltd.
US: +1 (310) 896 – 8895 x171(This is the same as dialing the Chinese number below)
China: +86 10658 01550