Submission Process

To be considered as a speaker, please complete and submit the speaker submission information listed below. Because speakers are confirmed on a rolling basis, we encourage prospective speakers to submit their proposals as soon as possible.

Please provide the following items to support your submission inthe speaker selection process. Submissions should be sent to

  1. First and last name
  2. Agency / Company Name
  3. Job Title (occupation)
  4. Speaker email address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Mailing Address + City, State, Zip Code and Country
  7. Agency / Company Web Site (if applicable)
  8. Speaker Bio (100 minimum)
  9. Subject you would like to speak on?
  10. Presentation Format options you are open to: (check all that apply)
  11. □ 30 minute session
    □ 60 minute session
    □ 60 minute panel
    □ 30 -60 round table

  12. Title of your presentation
  13. What industry topic will be referenced in your session
  14. Additional speakers in your session, if any
  15. Presentation description (100 words minimum)
  16. Past speaking experience

The ACRESCON conference committee will review all submissions and contact speakers individually.. If you have any questions, contact