Call For Speakers

ACRESCON will host a variety of forums, panels, and round table discussions focussed on real estate within the United States of America. The subject matter will include topics relating to residential and commercial real estate but will also include topics relating to law, immigration, finance, and government policy. ACRESCON is currently accepting applications from individuals who seek to give a presentation at one of the speaking venues.

Topics should be related to the real estate industry and be of interest to potential Chinese investors. Translators will be provided at no cost to all selected presenters.

ACRESCON 2009 Forum - Gao

Below are some recommended topics based on attendance feedback from the 2009 show. However, we welcome subject matter outside this particular list of suggested topics as long as it is beneficial to a real estate investor purchasing US property.

  • Residential Property
    • Overview of Residential Property
    • Types of Residential Property
    • The Buying Process of Residential Property
    • What is a REALTOR®?
    • Housing Policy
    • Mortgage / Financing
    • Title
    • Appraisal
    • Contract Basics
    • Rural Housing
    • Housing Standards and Costs
    • Environment Policy
  • Commercial Property
    • Valuation Theory & Pracitce
    • International Investment – Office, Retail, Leisure (Hotels), & Industrial
    • Office, Retail & Leisure Development Finance and Management
    • Institutional Investors’ Asset allocation Strategies
    • Real Estate Fund Management
    • Corporate Real Estate Management & Performance Evaluation
    • Risk Analysis and Hedging strategies
    • American Real Estate Markets Analysis
    • Commercial Mortgage instruments & Bank Loan Finance
    • Securitization