Attract Chinese Students

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ACRESCON is the only convention in Mainland China that allows American companies and schools to publicly assemble for the purpose of offering real estate investment opportunities and educational resources to Chinese investors.

ACRESCON 2011 will be held in Beijing November 4-6. Thousands of Chinese investors descend on Beijing for the purpose of exploring American real estate US education opportunities. This year, for the first time, we have 25 slots for educational representation of US schools and universities.

The 3-day event has been featured nationally on CCTV and was covered by all major media within Beijing including television, print, Internet, and radio. From opening ceremonies to the close of the Expo, ACRESCON is the number one place to be if you wish to attract students from China to US schools.

Originally launched as the AIFS Expo, the convention was re-branded to ACRESCON to more accurately represent the combination of exhibition space and intellectually stimulating panel and forums.
With the tremendous wealth in China and great investment and education opportunities within the USA, the 2011 ACRESCON will be the ultimate event for Chinese buyers and students seeking American properties and education. To be part of this event, call us now at (310) 896-8895 Ext. 116 or Contact Us.

Chinese Students Studying in USA