China Leads The World With Millionaire Growth

A report by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services analyzed numerous patterns, histories, and trends across the globe and reached several substantial conclusions which will interest our participants. The concept is simple, China will lead the world in growth of millionaires for the next 10 years:

  • This study suggests that China’s wealth among millionaires will grow by 392%
  • China will have 1.48 million households with $1M – $5M
  • China will have 689,000 households with $5M – $30M
  • China will have 327,000 households with $30M+

You can read the full executive summary here

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China #1 Luxury Goods Consumer in 2011

The might of Chinese consumerism continues onwards. According to a report from Xinhua News Agency, China is expected to be the largest consumer of luxury goods in the world by the end of 2011.

The British luxury brand Burberry has opened 57 stores in China, and that number will grow to 100 over three to four years, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts told Xinhua.

China consumed $9.4 billion worth of luxury goods in 2010, surpassing the United States as the second largest in the world, according to the “2010 Business Blue Paper” published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Japan was the largest consumer that year.

China Luxury

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US Dollar Continues Falling, Brings More Chinese to America

Cheap real estate, great property laws, a country friendly to foreign nationals, and now… cheaper domestic currency. As if the Chinese didn’t have enough reasons to already come to the US and purchase real estate in record numbers their dollar may just get to go even further if current trends continue and the US dollar falls more. The only reason this won’t happen is if the Chinese yuan silmutaneously rises.

We ran across this interesting article at CNNFN which discusses the US dollar continuing it’s crash this year:

Yuan Dollar

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Aston Martin Sells in China for 7.21Mil USD

Another example of wealth in China and one that shows why China is among the fastest growing luxury car market in the world.

A limited edition Aston Martin was snapped up at the price of 47 million yuan ($7.21M USD). The Aston Martin One-77 coupe is truly one-of-a-kind, with a limited production run of 77 units, only five of which were targeted for China.

The Aston Martin One-77 comes equipped with a 7.3L V12 engine producing 710hp housed in a full carbon fiber chassis and handcrafted aluminium body. From a standing start, the coupé reaches 100 km/h in only 3.5 seconds, and has a maximum speed of 354 km/h.

Aston Martin China

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China Posts Quarterly Trade Deficit

For the first time in seven years, China reported a quarterly trade deficit, as imports soared to an all-time high due to Chinese consumption of foreign goods and domestic inflation.

Imports outweighed exports by $1.02 billion in the first three months of the year, China’s government said Sunday. That’s a stark contrast to the country’s $13.01 billion surplus in the same period a year ago.

China’s General Administration of Customs attributed the trade gap to rapid domestic growth, surging prices for food, energy and other raw materials, and a long vacation during Chinese New Year in February.

Imports soared 32.6% from the year-ago quarter, to a record high of $400.66 billion. Meanwhile exports increased 26.5%, to $399.64 billion.

For March, China reported a small surplus, with exports outweighing imports by $140 million. That comes after the country reported a $7.3 billion trade deficit in February, when exports were limited by the Chinese New Year.

Exports surged 35.8% in March over the prior 12 months, to $152.2 billion in March. Imports rose at a slightly slower, albeit still very fast-paced, rate of 27.3% to $152.1 billion.

Economists said they weren’t completely surprised by the trade data, given China typically exports less during the first three months of the year.

“We think this is something that is temporary for the quarter,” said Chi Sun, China economist with Nomura Securities in Hong Kong. “For the past few years, the first quarter always has the slower trade. We don’t think that will be continued for the rest of this year.”

As the Chinese economy hurls ahead at a speed far outpacing the United States and other developed nations, the government has tried to encourage more domestic demand, and lessen the country’s dependence on exports.

Sun said the latest data shows Chinese officials are having some success on that front, as imports grew in volume — not just in their dollar amount.

“If we look at the import data, we realize there are two drivers for strong import growth,” Sun said. “The first, everyone knows, are high commodity prices. The other is — we also see quite strong growth in the volume of import goods. And that points to growing domestic demand.”

Imports of autos and auto parts rose 31.8% in the first quarter. The volume of machinery imports grew 31.8% and crude oil imports grew 11.9%.

Sun attributes stronger domestic demand to income growth in China, which has been part of the country’s rapid inflation story over the past few years.

China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States, but has long surpassed Uncle Sam as an export powerhouse.

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Chinese Investors Buying In Memphis

Move over Elvis Presley and B.B. King, the Chinese are coming.

A group of Chinese investors led by the Sino American Trade Development Association is traveling from Beijing, China to the city of Memphis Tennessee for the purpose of exploring real estate and business investment potential.

The closing of Clearborn Homes and overall real estate crisis has created several new and unique investment opportunities for private investors in the Memphis area. With private financing still challenging domestically, cash-rich Chinese can potentially infuse capital into an otherwise struggling market.

“We heard about several investment opportunities in Memphis and we presented them to our Chinese members. Several of them were extremely interested in visiting Memphis to see familiarize themselves with the area and the opportunities”, said Mr. Guo who is the Director of U.S. Travel for the Sino American Trade Development Association. “We will be visiting various areas including downtown for the purpose of commercial and residential real estate investing.”

According to the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, the city has the fifth-lowest industrial real estate rental rates in the country, at $2.81 per square foot. This coupled with a relative low vacancy rate of 13.7% caught the attention of one particular investor. “One gentlemen in our group is a real estate developer in the north. However, he is seeking to expand his portfolio overseas and desires to acquire commercial holdings such as strip malls within the US. When he learned of the conditions in Memphis he made certain to be included in this investment group.”

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Chinese License Plate Sells for 605k

ACRESCON license plate

Foreigners often misjudge Chinese wealth or do not understand the fervor Chinese have for certain numbers such as 8 or 9 and the disdain they have for numbers such as 4. Well, a great example just occurred in Taizhou City where a man paid 605,000 yuan (thats over $92,000 USD) for the rights to license plate number JZ9999.

The JZ in the plate number represents Zhejiang Province, similar to the state name emblazoned across the top of American license plates. Therefore the actual plate number would be 9999 which has tremendous cultural meaning in China. The number nine signifies longevity in whatever aspect of life it is applied too. If your business address has nines then it brings longevity to your business whereas if your personal cell phone number has a few nines then you will have long life. We don’t know if this plate was on the gentleman’s personal car or business car but either way it has substantial meaning.

The more nines in the sequence, the better for longevity. A license plate number of nothing but nines, therefore, is the pinnacle of long life and this license plate is as good as it gets.

China has the largest growing wealth population in the world and their wealth is substantial. Every luxury manufacturer is seeking to capitalize on this massive market and the Chinese are bringing their money to the US buying homes, strip malls, land, cars, planes, boats, and everything else that interests them.

If you want to tap into this market then you need to be at the next ACRESCON conference in Beijing to tap into the thousands of Chinese investors that attend looking for foreign investment opportunities.

Visit for more info

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Home Prices Near 2009 Lows Draw Chinese

The Chinese purchases of American real estate speeds up with every price drop and now they have yet another reason to purchase.

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index which covers 20 major real estate markets, the average home price has dropped 3.1% year-over-year and is now comparable to the bottom markets saw in April 2009.

This just adds fuel to the fire since existing homes were off about 10% in February and we have a record new low set for new home sales.

Mr. Rob Emerick, the Director of US Operations for ACRESCON, sees a silver lining in this news. “This is the type of news that will draw more Chinese to invest in the US for property purchases. Anytime there is news indicative of savings, it will compel more Chinese to move their money to the US property market. Our office in Beijing has already fielded several dozen questions about the report on dismal new home sales, so I can only anticipate this news will get around as well.”

The highest price drop was recorded in Phoneix Arizona which tanked 9.1% when compared to January, 2010. Some other unfortunate leaders of this contest were Detroit falling 8.1% and Minneapolis 7.6%.

“What is fascinating to Chinese regarding reports like these are American experts continue to forecast further price drops. Without a definite bottom in sight it scares off some but is really bringing out the institutional investors currently”, Emerick stated.

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Average condo in Beijing at about $500 US Dollars per sqft

Residential real estate in Beijing continues to climb fighting policies the government has put in place to curb the appreciation. It’s approaching 35 thousand yuan per square meter. But prices of pre-owned homes are dropping, down nearly one percent month on month.

Sales volume has dropped considerably in the past months, which shows the government’s control measures are taking effect. But it might take some time to translate into a drop in prices.

These prices reflect what are typically considered gray shell condo units in the US. There is no yard and no fixtures or furnishings. Additionally, the statistics are averaged across the entire city out to the fourth ring road, which many locals consider the suburbs. It takes about an hour to get from the downtown part of Beijing to the 4th ring road area by taxi assuming no traffic late at night.

If you want to just consider the inner part of the city which is considered more desirable, the average quickly shoots up to $700 USD per sqft and rises.

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ACRESCON 2011 – Now Taking Reservations

Following feedback from previous exhibitors, we have started this blog to post regular updates so everyone can more efficiently stay in the loop.

Following up on the success of the previous ACRESCON conventions, we are proud to announce that 2011 booths are now available for reservation. While the US is still languishing in a bad economy, China has experienced tremendous growth and wealth building. These Chinese seek to invest overseas and the US presents a fantastic mix of opportunity and stability.

Contact us to start take advantage of the wealth from China that is coming to America. Call us at (310) 896 8895 or email

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